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Historical Services
I can offer a wide range of talks and demonstrations as well as historic interpretation covering the following topics:-
With over 20 years of re-enacting and teaching school classes about this period of our history I have a vast knowledge of the period as well as lots of replica artifacts to handle and demonstrate.

Saxons and Vikings

Footpads, Cutthroats, Thieves and Highwaymen

The criminal element- who were these people at the fringe of society? How did they operate and what became of them?

Pirates, Navy and Sailors

An in depth look at the Golden Age of Piracy (1680-1725), with a huge assortment of props and replicas to examine and learn about. Find out who these people were when you remove the modern romantic image and Hollywood 'cut'.

Other areas covered:- While the previous are areas I have been accused, from time to time, of having some expertise in, the following topics I have also covered for school groups and visitors to historical sites.

Napoleonic Navy

A look at life aboard ship during these times of daring and adventure and a glimpse at the true world of hardship for seafaring men.

Wild West

Why did a six shooter shoot 5? What did a brothel inspector actually do? What is hard tack? Find out all this and more.

Crusades and the Knights Templar
A fascinating piece of world history from it's origins to it's bloody conclusion the story of the Knights Templar is as relevant today as ever.

Wars of the Roses

(pic courtosy of Roy Smallpage)
Almost 100 years of war with the greatest losses on English soil- and in-depth look at this period of our history. Demonstrations of 
medieval handgun.

The English Civil War

A perspective of the common person as well as insights into wider society through these tumultuous times.

I can demonstrate a range of period firearms including:-
Late 17th Century-Early 18th Century Flintlocks

Wild West- Muzzle Loading Shotgun, Breech Loading Shotgun and Navy Colt Pistol.


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